Organise my Study

Managing Your Time (PDF, 859KB)
An effective way to manage your time and commitments using a semester planner, weekly planner and daily to-do list.
Semester & Weekly Planning (PDF, 96KB)
Examples of the information that can be included in your semester and weekly planners to organise yourself at QUT.
Semester Planner (PDF, 74KB)
A template for a semester planner.
Weekly Planner (PDF, 75KB)
A template for a weekly planner.
Weekly Time Budget (PDF, 65KB)
A tool to help you find out how much time you have in a week.
Time Management: student experiences (transcript)
A video produced by QUT International College on how to manage your time.
Effective Learning Strategies (PDF, 1.8MB)
Strategies to save time by being an effective learner. Strategies include: active learning, recording information, balancing activites and regular reviewing.