Reading and Notetaking

Reading overload? (video)
Strategies for when you have lots of reading to do.
Critical Reading
A site from the University of Toronto.
QUT Notetaking Template (PDF, 68KB)
This template is a guide to adding all the information you need from the resources you are reading or viewing.
Organising Your Notes (PDF, 568KB)
Basic steps to assist with recording, organising and drafting information for your assignment.
Fast Reading Techniques (PDF, 106KB)
Two techniques to get information from your reading without having to read every word. The first is scanning which enables you to find facts and figures within a text. The other is skimming which helps you get an overview of the main subject of a reading.
The SQ3R Reading Method (PDF, 109KB)
SQ3R is a very useful technique for reading a text to gain a thorough understanding of all the detail.
Reading and Taking Notes (PDF, 1.8MB)
Reading strategies for different purposes and note taking for research and lectures.
Weekly Reading Template (PDF, 70KB)
This template outlines a way to collect information from your weekly readings as well as make connections with other aspects of your study.
Using Academic English
A site from uefap.
Listen and Take Good Notes
A site from Cuesta College in California.
Library Catalogue Link
Links to resources in the QUT Library Catalogue related to this topic: