Study Management

Time Management: student experiences (transcript)
A video produced by QUT International College on how to manage your time.
Managing Your Time (PDF, 859KB)
An effective way to manage your time and commitments using a semester planner, weekly planner and daily to-do list.
Semester & Weekly Planning (PDF, 96KB)
Examples of the information that can be included in your semester and weekly planners to organise yourself at QUT.
Assignment Calculator
An interactive tool which calculates how much time you have to do each step of your assignments.
Semester Planner (PDF, 74KB)
A template for a semester planner.
Weekly Planner (PDF, 75KB)
A template for a weekly planner.
Weekly Time Budget (PDF, 65KB)
A tool to help you find out how much time you have in a week.
Exam Study Planner (PDF, 76KB)
A blank outline of an exam study planner.
Effective Learning Strategies (PDF, 1.8MB)
Strategies to save time by being an effective learner. Strategies include: active learning, recording information, balancing activites and regular reviewing.
Learning Styles (VARK)
A website that helps you work out your preferred learning style
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